Urban Eagle LLC
Great Music, Incredible Artists, Unforgettable Performances






Urban Eagle LLC is an artist representation and marketing company, born out several decades in an industry in which I have acquired a sincere passion and appreciation for great music, incredible artists and unforgettable performances.

We are committed to insuring that we deliver on what we promise and in doing so, creating long-lasting personal and professional relationships with our clients and artists.  We only represent artists that we sincerely believe in and artist development is a major priority.  Urban Eagle LLC is very involved in the management, promotion, marketing, media relations and distribution of all its artists.  Therefore, we offer many of the unique advantages of working directly with an aggressive, creative, focused and independent record label.

At Urban Eagle LLC, our desire is to be your first consideration for live entertainment.  When you book any of our artists, we work to make sure that your first time won't be your last time.  Likewise, our artists are dedicated to playing each show as if it's their last great performance.  We look forward to being of service!

Larry B. Davis, Founder & Managing Director